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Bark-B-Gone Bark Deterrent

Bark-B-Gone Bark Deterrent

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The Bark-B-Gone Bark Deterrent is a humane, handheld device that emits high-frequency audio to deter dogs from barking.

Unlike traditional shock collars that deliver electric shocks to your dog, our handheld device emits high-frequency audio that is completely harmless and won't cause any discomfort or distress to your furry friend.

How To Use A Bark Deterrent Device

With its simple design, this anti-bark device is easy to use.

The Bark-B-Gone offers three different modes — ultrasonic, LED flashing light, and sound — ensuring a solution that works for all dogs and all situations.

Just turn it on, and use it to correct and train your pet on excessive barking behaviors. The ultrasonic sound is inaudible to human ears, but it effectively stops barking in dogs, so you can return to peaceful and quiet days.

Rechargeable, Long-Lasting Batteries

Say goodbye to replacing batteries — the Bark-B-Gone Bark Deterrent features a rechargeable battery with a long service life. You can use it for about two to four weeks before needing to recharge it, allowing you to have it on hand for safe training-on-demand.

Reasons To Use A Bark Deterrent Over A Shock Collar

Humane Training Method: A noise-emitting bark deterrent provides a humane alternative to shock collars. It avoids the use of painful electric shocks, ensuring your dog's well-being and mental health.

Pain-Free Solution: Unlike shock collars, a noise-emitting bark deterrent is completely pain-free. It works by emitting high-frequency audio that is annoying to dogs but harmless, allowing you to train your dog without causing any discomfort.

Safe for Dogs: The use of a noise-emitting bark deterrent eliminates the risk of physical harm or injury to your dog. It provides a gentle and safe training method that prioritizes your dog's safety.

No Negative Associations: Dogs can develop negative associations with shock collars or other painful training methods. By using a noise-emitting bark deterrent instead, you can train your dog without creating fear or anxiety.

Effective Training Tool: Noise-emitting bark deterrents have been proven to effectively reduce excessive barking in dogs. The high-frequency audio interrupts their barking patterns and helps them learn to bark less.

Versatile Modes: Many noise-emitting bark deterrents offer multiple modes, such as ultrasonic, LED flashing light, and sound. This versatility allows you to find the mode that works best for your dog's specific needs.

Easy to Use: Noise-emitting bark deterrents are designed to be user-friendly. With simple controls, you can easily activate the device and correct your dog's barking behavior without any hassle.

No Risk of Collateral Damage: Shock collars can unintentionally affect other pets or nearby animals. With a noise-emitting bark deterrent, there is no risk of causing discomfort or confusion to other animals in your household or neighborhood.

Positive Training Experience: Using a noise-emitting bark deterrent promotes a positive training experience for both you and your dog. It allows you to focus on reinforcing good behavior rather than relying on punishment.

Longer Battery Life: Noise-emitting bark deterrents often come with rechargeable batteries that have a long service life. This means you won't have to constantly purchase and replace batteries, making it a cost-effective and convenient solution.

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