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Beverly Tails

18 Pack Puppy/Dog Toy Bundle

18 Pack Puppy/Dog Toy Bundle

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Endless Fun For Your Pup, Includes Chew Toys, Pull Ropes & More

Does your furry friend's playtime feel dull and repetitive? This 18-pack of assorted dog toys has got you covered - with this assorted pack of toys, you can rest assured that your pup isn't getting bored for a WHILE!

With this pack, you'll receive a variety of toys designed to cater to your dog's different play preferences. It includes 6 tug-of-war ropes, perfect for interactive play and bonding time. For dogs who love the excitement of sound, we've included 3 squeaky toys that will surely captivate their interest. Additionally, you'll find several chew toys and plushies to satisfy their teething and snuggling needs.

Each toy in our 18-pack is carefully chosen with your dog's safety and entertainment in mind.

They are made from durable materials to withstand enthusiastic play and are brightly colored to capture your pet's attention. With this assortment, your dog will have a range of textures, shapes, and sounds to keep them happily entertained for hours on end.

Why You Should Buy Multiple Toys Instead Of One-By-One

By investing in this 18-pack of toys, you're not just getting a great value for your money. You're also able to offer your dog a variety of play experiences, textures, and sounds, which can help prevent boredom and promote mental stimulation. Additionally, having a range of toys readily available will encourage your dog to play and exercise independently, which can lead to better behavior and improved overall health.

Our 18-pack of toys is made from safe, non-toxic materials, and is designed with your dog's well-being in mind. The different types of toys will cater to your furry friend's different needs, from teething and chewing to interaction and bonding. With this variety, you'll be able to find the toys that your dog loves the most!

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